Our business is building yours!

Your relationship with Kyser Property Management Co., Inc. can be more than just signing a lease or purchasing land or a facility. Our unique partnership with Jerry Kyser Builder, Inc. allows us to assist you in developing build-to-suit and speculative building projects within industrial, office, and retail markets. Below is how we, in partnership with Jerry Kyser Builder, Inc., can construct your next retail, industrial or commercial space.


Successfully completing your project involves much more than designing and constructing a building. There are zoning laws to contend with, utilities to coordinate, parking requirements, green space ordinances, etc. In fact, there are a thousand details that can derail, delay or increase costs to even the most well-intentioned project. KPM and JKB know all the details. Working with those details every day can save time, money, frustration and wasted effort. Safe guarding your best interest is an integral part of the job at Kyser Property Management.


Many prospective building owners don’t realize that the cost of initial construction is just a fraction of the total cost of a building over its lifespan. We look for ways to reduce costs by using the most efficient materials during construction and evaluating site orientation for optimal savings.  JKB ensures a well built, low cost building that provides value to the owner, both today and in the future. You can be sure Jerry Kyser Builder’s quality craftsmanship meets or exceeds industrial standards.


Jerry Kyser Builder has been one of the area’s leading contractors embracing today’s most efficient method of approaching a project: design-build. This approach allows the prospective owner, architects, engineers and contractors to work as a team from the very beginning for the common good of the owner. The owner knows the total cost up-front, thereby eliminating the “big surprise” of an over-budget project, and the single-source responsibility of the builder reduces risk and conflict. Design-build projects traditionally result in lower cost and higher value buildings in a significantly shorter time. This means you get the building you want, at a price you can afford and relocation time is minimized.



You are not limited to Jerry Kyser Builder! We know and fully understand if you have relationships with other construction companies. If you purchase our land, you have full flexibility to use the company of your choice to build your commercial or industrial property. If purchasing land from another realtor, we would love the opportunity to be considered as your partner to build a good quality constructed facility.